Debt can happen to anyone. I know, it happened to me. Being in debt doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or irresponsible (although irresponsibility may have gotten you there initially!). Sometimes a series of disasters can occur that set in off in a downward spiral. That was what happened in my life.

One thing after another seemed to go wrong. I had not one, but 3 major underground plumbing leaks; my HVAC unit went out; my washing machine died; my dryer died; my son totaled my car; my sister (I’m her care provider) was in a head-on collision and spent 6 weeks in the hospital…

I simply ran out of resources and had to use credit cards to survive. Soon, they were maxed out and I couldn’t keep up with the payments on them and our day-to-day expenses.

I received — and ignored — a court summons; my bank account was garnished; I was hit with an additional $1,000 in bank fees because of bounced checks and ATM transactions; I fell behind on my mortgage and was threatened with foreclosure; everything that could be disconnected was (phone, water, electricity).

Maybe this sounds familiar; maybe my case is more extreme than yours; or maybe (although I sincerely hope not!), your situation is even worse.

Whatever the case may be, I’m here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel — and it isn’t a freight train! You can get out of debt and enjoy life again.


That video at the top of the page? That tells my story. Incidentally, it was also the winning video in a contest run by In Charge Debt Solutions which paid off $10,000 of my unsecured credit card debt!

Now, you need to understand, I am NOT a professional financial counselor or a lawyer. So, please don’t take anything on my website as professional or legal advice.

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