Free Spending Plan Spreadsheet

What does my spending plan look like?  Here is a sample (the numbers have been changed and do not reflect my actual income and/or expenses). This is  Microsoft excel spreadsheet. You are welcome to download this and use it to create your own monthly spending plan. The cells formatted to automatically calculate totals. For example, the tithe cell will automatically enter 10% of your total income. The emergency savings is current set at 5% and the short term savings at 2.5%. If you want to save more or less, simply change the percentage. My expenses are grouped with the fixed expenses (things that aren’t really optional, like mortgage, utilities, gasoline) at the top and the more discretionary items (things I can cut back on if needed) are at the bottom.  If you are in debt, your credit card bills would go in the discretionary section of the spending plan — even though your creditors may not agree with this. Pay your necessities first, then pay your creditors with what’s left over. NOTE:  The bottom line MUST equal zero. If you see a negative number, you need to cut back on your spending somewhere. If you see a positive number, you need to determine where to put that money. If you are in debt, use it to pay down your debt further. If you aren’t in debt, put it in savings or give it to charity.  Download free spending plan spreadsheet.

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